Bericht von Bojana Malinovska über ihren Freiwilligendiienst

My volunteering story started at the end of September 2022. Cold night at Belgrade bus station waiting for the bus to take me to what I saw as a turning point in my life. I was scared and thrilled about journey that lies in front of me. I was a bit worried how I will do my daily activities in a new environment, will people understand me because my initial lack of German language skills and will I be able to integrate in a new society that is in numerous ways different comparing to the habitat that I came from.

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Bericht über ein Saminar zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit im Kreativraum KrimZkrams in Halle

In the creative space KrimZkrams in Halle, the volunteers gathered on 8th of December to attend the seminar about sustainability. They were firstly invited to explore the inspiring space and get to know what are the guiding principles of kunZstoffe – urbane Ideenwerkstatt e.V.  (
Then the participants were encouraged to present their own ideas as the possible solutions to the challenges connected to sustainable development. The coordinators of the workshop explained these challenges through stories from everyday life.

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Bericht unserer Freiwilligen Teodora Luketa

While taking part in Erasmus exchange at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, I’ve learned about Friedenskreis for the first time. The guiding principles of the organization inspired me to apply for the voluntary service. Here I am in Halle again, a year after my semester abroad, initially working in growing international cooperation department of the Friedenskreis office. Together with my teammates I already had the opportunity to create a cultural project aimed to support young people in their role in peacebuilding. Within this project I'm able to learn a lot about how NGOs from different countries cooperate. At the same time I utilize my knowledge of comparative literature acquired during studies.

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Bericht von Adla Šljivo, unserer Freiwilligen aus Bosnien

I'm writing this sitting next to the Saale river, watching the sunset painting the sky in pastel colors. Everyday I prove to myself that this was the best decision I could have made. It all started in January and 8 months later I'm in a bus driving for 24 hours. All formalities and traveling were worth it as soon as I saw Inger picking us up in Leipzig, driving us home while the sunrise was welcoming us. Since arriving this city brought me peace and opportunity to do what I enjoy the most and that's being in the woods by river listening to music or reading. I could go on walks for hours and still discover more creative work of  local artist, which are giving the city a soul along with the breathtaking architecture.

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Freiwilligenbericht von Marina Milic (englisch)

My volunteer story begins on April 1, 2022. Although almost 3 months have passed since then, I remember very vividly the day when I arrived at the airport in Leipzig after 16 hours traveling by bus. I remember that it was much colder than it was in Serbia, that it was raining, and that I was very scared. Fortunately, that feeling didn’t last long. As the saying goes, a man can easily get used to the good things, and so can to Halle and his new life here.

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Bericht von unserer Freiwilligen Suada

On December 2021 started my volunteering journey in Halle and my place of assignment would be KindsElternCentrum in Lieskau.
From 13 of December up to now I have been working with kids from 4 up 6 years old.

The first day I was a bit stressed because I didn't know what to expect, how the kids would be with me and my colleagues too. Even though I had previously worked with kids in Turkey for almost 4 years, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it. I was afraid that my lack of understanding german would make it harder for me.But with the time I saw that my fears were a bit baseless! There I found a very good environment full of very nice people and amazing kids. At first I had to get accustomed with the kindergarten rules and where everything was and how to acquire stuff.

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Bericht von Stefan Milosavjevic, unserem Freiwilligen aus Serbien (engl.)

My volunteering program started in November last year at Passage 13 in Halle. The first months were spent adjusting to new social and work environment and meeting new people. Colleagues in the organization and other volunteers helped me in facilitating this process. However, the biggest problem that everyone faces is language - it limits the possibility of a normal social interaction. Nevertheless, after a few months, I learned a basic knowledge of German and that helps me communicate and interact with the young people I work with.

Passage 13 is a relatively new organization operating in Neustadt. The organization has a large space that allows young people to socialize and educate themselves. Passage 13 brings together different social groups (youth, women, and other groups). The team working there helped me integrate into the new circumstances and gave me full support along the way. After two months, I organized a reading club at Passage 13 in collaboration with the University of Halle, which aimed to bring together young people and the general public to read and reflect together on social, political, and other topics. In the realization of this project, I had the full support of my team with which I work. The reading club will be a place where people will gather every two months and agree on future activities.

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Zwischenseminar der Outgoing Freiwilligen in Mali Idos/ Serbien

Anfang März haben unsere Freiwilligen ihr Zwischenseminar absolviert und somit die zweite Hälfte ihres Freiwilligendienstes begonnen. Einladen konnten wir ebenso Freiwillige der Organisationen Kurve Wustrow, Jesuiten weltweit und Internationaler Bund Kassel. Die Freiwilligen absolvieren ihren Dienst weitestgehend auf dem Westbalkan, aber auch aus Bulgarien und Griechenland kamen Freiwillige hinzu.
Das Seminar war geprägt von zahlreichen Diskussionen über die Rolle(n) der Freiwilligen, die Geschichte und aktuelle politische Situation in den Balkanländern. Aber auch der Austausch über alltägliche Fragen, die vielen Seiten des WG-Lebens und Herausforderungen in der Selbstversorgung waren zentral.

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