Tek Bunkeri – Albania

Tek Bunkeri is a grassroots civil society organization working in the fields of culture and arts, non-formal education, and social innovation, which means for us participatory design of solutions for community challenges. After working as an informal group since 2017, Tek Bunkeri was registered as an NGO in spring 2020. Our activities focus on the empowerment of youth and marginalized communities through creative and community-building tools. We understand ourselves as network weavers and ecosystem builders, bridging sectors, connecting local and regional peers and European networks we are actively part of. Our team is comprised of 5 full-time staff, 10 volunteers, and a network of peers and experts that frequently engage in projects and initiatives.

We have been always driven by the belief that Albania´s society and also progressive civic sector must re-learn collaboration and solidarity mechanisms to achieve systemic change towards a fair, just, and free society for everyone to thrive, express and feel safe. Civic participation, the right to the city, freedom of speech and the protection of fundamental human rights unite all partners, while our practices and expertise are complimentary for the greater benefit.
Since 2020 we are focusing our energies on two long term initiatives that interconnect: In Tirana we opened our independent civic and cultural hub with a broad variety of events and activities created with partners and different communities. Our space and activities are free and open to the public ranging from movie screenings and open talks to frequent thematic clubs and workshops for artistic activism.
With the Mobile Open Culture and Innovation (MOCI) initiative we created an informal network of grassroots organizations across Albania and the Balkans to foster peer-exchange and collaboration among small civic and cultural organizations outside the capital cities. MOCI allows us to share resources and practices for non-formal education, community building and culture, and allows us to self-organize around actual needs and challenges of Albanian grassroots.

Please find us on:
Social Media:    @tekbunkeri        @moci_balkans

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