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QENDRA MULTIMEDIA Center is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2002 in Kosova, with the aim to stimulate and develop visual and performing arts, especially contemporary theatre. QENRDA MULTIMEDIA Center produces and co-produces theatre productions for all ages; publishes plays and books on contemporary theatre and drama and organizes local and international art projects and exchanges. It cooperates with theatres, theatre schools and art organizations from all around the globe.


Main acitivities of Qendra Multimedia are:

  • Publishing of Qendra

Up to now Qendra Multimedia has published over 30 books and journals on the topics of theatre, literature, aesthetics and history, the majority in Albanian language, but some of them are also published in English, Serbian and German.

  • polip – International Literature Festival

is an international literature festival bringing together in Prishtina young writers from the region as well as from Europe. Polip goes far beyond the frame of a literature festival and of a mere literary connection. It is about a wider understanding of the peace building and trust concepts in a particularly traumatized regions and societies. polip presents young voices in different languages, revealing their specific melody, musicality and rhythm. polip org. panizes not only readings, but also a special program of concerts, street poetry, workshops on translation and poetry-writing, discussions and debates about literary networks and translation practice. 

  • Writer’s in residence “Prishtina has no river”

Artists-in-residence program “Prishtina has no river” started in 2013 when Qendra Multimedia, for the first time in Kosovo, invited artists from central and southeastern Europe and Germany to apply. The fellowship for the artists includes a one-month stay in Pristina, travel costs and a fellowship in the amount of 800 EUR. Applicants eligible for this fellowship are fiction writers, poets, essayists, illusionists and columnists, translators, playwrights, etc. While in Pristina, the writers use their time for work, as well as for getting acquainted with the cultural life of the Kosovan capital.

  • Production of theater plays

Qendra Multimedia produces at least 2 performances per year. One performance is local and one is in collaboration with an international theater.

  • Culture for change

“Culture for change” is a three-year program funded by the European Union, managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe-Institut.

The project aims at strengthening cultural organizations and public libraries across Kosovo, by directly supporting financially cultural and educational activities. One of the strategic approaches of the project is, organizing activities in other remote areas in the country, rather than capital and main big cities. At the same time, it will aim at improving involvement of local communities of all ethnic backgrounds in the cultural activities.

Around 40 organizations in Kosovo are expected to benefit directly from the sub-grants and capacity building activities. More than 60 organizations and 400 cultural operators will benefit directly from networking and other activities of the project. “Culture for change” aims at reaching over 400,000 Kosovo citizens by exposing them to cultural activities and tackling social issues.

Main activities of volunteers:

  • Publishing of Qendra

  1. Organize the published books in shelfs by name and author.

  2. Update the list of publishings everytime we publish new books.


  • Polip – International Literature festival

  1. Help in organizing the festival from early stage

  2. Coordinate the arrivals and departures of the writers for the festival.

  3. Welcome the guests and help in troubleshooting.

  4. Prepare the writers translations in powerpoint presentations

  5. Show guests around


  • Writer’s in residence “Prishtina has no river”

  1. Help in troubleshooting during one month stay

  2. Help organizing a reading event for the writer in residence


  • Production of theater plays

  1. Assist the theater director

  2. Assist the stage designer

  3. Help in preparing the stage during premiere and replays


  • Culture for change

  1. Help the project coordinator

  2. Assist in donating books published by Qendra Multimedia in public libraries in different cities of Kosovo


What you will work on

  1. theater plays, every year a new one. Helping in production and stage and also troubleshooting. The crew of the play is usually mixed where people from around the world gather together and create the play. Its a possibility to meet new people. (we produce two theater performances every year, one is a local production and one with international cooperation)

  2. German Movie Week

  3. Translation from German to English

  4. Distribution of posters and leaflets 

  5. Help in the update of the blogs and Facebook events

  6. Help in organizing the literary event for the writers in residence "Prishtina has no river"

Who the organisation is looking for

Volunteers should have experience in working with theatre and organisation and coordination during our activities as well as preparing reports and applications for Goethe Insitut and Allianz Kulturstiftung. You should be able to coordinate cinema tours and theatre tours through Kosovo and and region. The goal is to work with different institutions and theatres. Main activity so far has been collaborations with Serbian Theater and also theatres in Switzerland and Germany.

Also we prefer volunteers older than 20 years.

What you can learn

Qendra Multimedia is an organization who implements different projects in which the volunteers can benefit.

In Polip Literature Festival, you the possibility to meet authors from around the world and exchange ideas and contacts.

You can see theatre performances and get to understand how a performance is developing and what are the difficulties during the procedure, you can see how the stage is being set and costumes and rehearsals.

You can take part in workshops with young adults where you can take part in developing games and playing during the workshop. You will also have the chance to get some administrative experience in writing reports and applications for the projects, this way you will be ready and experienced for an administrative job in the future.


Qendra Multimedia Centre is formed by 6 permanent employees and one other member/volunteer.

Spoken languages

Wrking language is Albanian and English. English is the required language.


You are going to live in a (shared) apartment/flat.


The Office of Qendra Multimedia is located in Dardania, a very frequented area in Prishtina, (Rr. Idriz Gjilani 7/9-1 Dardani, Prishtina) The City of Prishtina is not so big, so it will be very easy to travel whenever the volunteer is staying. Since Prishtina is capital there are a lot of places for shopping and the city is very safe.

Prishtina is the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo. Prishtina municipality has a population of 198.214 inhabitants, according to the census of 2011, but the current population is higher than that as many inhabitants of other cities moved to Prishtina just after the war in the year 2000. Albanian coast is just 4 hours away by bus, Skopje is 2 hours away and Belgrade 6 hours away by bus. Labour force participation rate is 36.9%, inactivity rate is 63.1%, unemployment rate is 35.1%, unemployment rate male is 28.1%, unemployment rate female is 40.0%, and youth unemployment rate (15-24 years) is 55.3%. Prishtina has a lot of coffee bars and a very outgoing youth.


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