Days goes fast but memories remains always... by Shweta

“Frohe weihnachtnen” Started with advance calendar, it was very surprising that open the door of calendar of each day till Christmas, Christmas market, Nikolous, Christmas parties, and in the Christmas Evening many gifts from santa clouse, only for me special “Christmas tree” wow ! I cannot forget the Christmas time really I felt the festival season like India. I am very lucky to have such guest family which did not allow me to feel like I am far away from my family. Yes, already half a year over.

Snow man! First time I saw the real snow and played with that, when I went to my mentor’s house after Christmas it was amazing, the family is also very nice and I was feeling like I am in some other land after seeing such a snow. Celebrated new year and welcomed prosperous year.


“My best friend is Shweta”, when a 5 years old child said that in front of everybody I was emotional and I could not express anything. I knew that I can be a good friend of any age but that child is really different and amazing and all children call me as “Shweti” and sometime they shout each other that she is miens and she is miens, in my culture children are like a god and they are clean by heart and mind, that is always true, I just love them and they do the same, ofcourse I cannot show up to all but for me that is not necessary because children and their parents are very happy with me , some of the parents invited to their house and we spent very nice time and I cooked for them Indian food, it was also nice experience that I have been invited to “Baptism” and birthday party at house, the children’s birthday party at home is different from which I have seen before.

Only I can understand that how different it is a life here because ultimately I am one who lived 23 years in India and now since 6 months in Germany, people ask many questions about India and sometime they just could not understand and just said that is “fantasy land” but that is India.

Still many things to do, many things to learn and also many things to teach, hope rest of the time also gives me opportunity to explore world most.

Thanks for everything,

Your’s Shweta Hegde




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