Let's Jam by Adin Midžić

here is a link to video of one session: https://vimeo.com/112933311

I want to write about my favorite thing here in Halle. its jam session. as you already now I am bass player and when I came here I had my pet with me Cort action A-1 standard bass guitar. The first days of my living here I met some guy by the name Alex....


yeah cool guy he founded for me some cheap amplifier that is the key of this story. Its a 60 W amp with no name but I called it horror from Sudstat. With this little amp I went to my first jam session in Germany on work from my college I found out there is RnR bar and its called Haley so I went there with my gear thinking how is this going to look some bass player from BiH is coming there. But it was pretty much cool playing some old school rock drinking bear feeling awesome and there I met my first friends there, and I went every month there for jam session, now I am bass player of one project called I forgot actually when she told me the name but the girl running is called Linn and she is student in Neuwerk 7 and I am always there as a bass of the project . As trough this hoby of mine I have find so many different and interesting people and went to so many parties as well so to my volunteers who are visiting or reading this go out and do something doesent metter if you don’t know anybody your social life in new country wont come like that you need to make it happen trough your interest and hobbys.


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