“World is meeting at one platform” - Shweta über das BFD Seminar in Nürnberg

“ Bundesfreiwillingendiest” (BFD) is the initiation of sending and receiving the volunteers from the worldwide! Really this is the very wonderful idea. Yes, from 10th of November to 14th of November I was in the seminar in Nurnburg.


It was amazing and it was so surprising in the introduction of all volunteers at the beginning because we were having the participants from 16 countries of 4 continents Asia, Africa, Europe and Latine America. Before going to seminar I was not aware that we are going to meet these many people from across the world, wow it was great.

I felt really proud about to present about my country and it was a great opportunity to all of us that to present about our own countries and also about experience in Germany. Another important experience was exposure to Nurnburg. I felt that I was really in the time of Hitler. This city is very famous for Nazis and there is a very big building made for the Hitler and his speech. Now that building is exhibition centre about past history of Germany. We heard many things about Hitler and World Wars but this is the actual visit to that place.
It was a good learning experience to know about other country and making new friends, hearing many languages at one place. The hospitality of the BFD (bildung centre) was wonderful and one of the head of administrations from BFD Berlin came to visit us. Last day evening party by doing dances of different countries was also nice ( I have got the opportunity to perform Indian dance too) and seminar ended with doing and present group projects. The photo presentation of the whole week journey and drawing the all countries flag on the wall of the BFD (bildung centre) building also unforgettable.
I am very thankful to my receiving organisation Friedenskreis Halle e.V.
and also BFD for providing this opportunity.
Shweta Hegde from India..

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