Initial Days ... Shweta über ihre ersten Wochen in Halle

My real journey in Germany starts after waiting since 8 months. Yes! Finally we reached to Germany on August 5th. Our welcome started from the Berlin airport up to reach Halle. The first week was nice experience with the seminar. Of corce India and Germany are two different worlds! The lifestyle, food, cloth, culture, system, everything. To experience this we need to travel a lot in India also, as I did.


In the beginning the most bothered thing is language for me. That I realised when I started to work in my assignment place “Sankt Ulrich Kita”. Yes, I have an experience to work with children in India but, here for me it is totally different, in the beginning with the lots of confusions and after having many discussions with the concerned people and finally my self-motivation made me strong and understand the situations and the concept. But many times I was helpless to express because of the language. Happy to say that I am learning language with the children and I am enjoying.


At my assignment place the first project I did was celebration of Indian festival “Ganesha Pooja”, with playing story with theatre and dance for the Indian song and also with cooking Indian food and children were enjoying the day. I had good learning with this that was not so easy to organise this because not everyone were open for other culture and religion!


My another most lovable experience is “children ride” to the village out of Halle. Were we stayed for one week with the children and just I felt I was in my village because of the nature and forest. I learnt many crafts (creative handmade products) things which I enjoy always. Playing with the children with many Indian rural games remembers me my childhood.


In the kindergarten I am coming to know about the family, traditional and childhood life of the children here. Visiting church with the children and celebrating each child’s as well educator’s birthday and other many things. When autumn season started I got an opportunity to translated German autumn song in to in Indian national language Hindi. The “Eltern Abend” , for the first time in my life till I cooked for whole 70 people! finding the things for cooking from the Indian shops and cook for all was funny experience. But everyone liked and parents were so happy. Another interesting event was collecting food items from the all parents and donating that to poor people through “BanrufMission”.


Sometime I feel bad and many questions comes in my mind, one thing is because parents leave very small and younger child in the kindergarden. And another thing is of the “explanation of disability”, it is different here. One thing I have to share with you that (....). My question is in this situation what is the best solution here?


More than 2 months over in Germany, with lots of learning and experiences. I Miss many times India also. Enjoying the days here. Staying in the guest family here is very nice experience for me. I am getting interest to know about more things and also to share my knowledge. I am open to learn from every small things. If you know more thinks you can always contact me, Thanks to all.

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