Bericht von unserer Freiwilligen Suada

On December 2021 started my volunteering journey in Halle and my place of assignment would be KindsElternCentrum in Lieskau.
From 13 of December up to now I have been working with kids from 4 up 6 years old.

The first day I was a bit stressed because I didn't know what to expect, how the kids would be with me and my colleagues too. Even though I had previously worked with kids in Turkey for almost 4 years, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it. I was afraid that my lack of understanding german would make it harder for me.But with the time I saw that my fears were a bit baseless! There I found a very good environment full of very nice people and amazing kids. At first I had to get accustomed with the kindergarten rules and where everything was and how to acquire stuff.

The first day at my workplace went very well but it was so cold for me! At first kids were very surprised that I couldn't talk any German but after some time that became a normal part of their daily life. In the other side I felt  so welcomed from the staff, my colleagues were very understanding and tried to help me to get adopted and not feel alone. Since December up to now it has been a real challenge, getting used to the life here and learning German too.
At the beginning everything was new, but day by day things got better, and started to feel like part of this beautiful city. Every word I learnt made it easier for me to understand people and their culture.

During this time I could present to kids my culture, Albania, and our foods... By the way, they just fell in love with our cuisine and that makes me so happy. Being in a beautiful place doesn't make it smaller the fact that your family lives away. Starting this journey without them wasn't easy but I know that they always supported me and believed in me! I came to Germany to find again the inspiration and the motivation to make great things, and I can say that I have gained a lot. Changing my profession from journalist to volunteer has affected me for good.
It had made me more tolerant, more open-minded, and more human! I can say with confidence that this is a journey everyone
should take one day. Taking the initiative can be hard, and leaving the comfort zone, and your home can be hard but once you do it the result is just amazing! I took the same decision in 2016 when I went as a volunteer in Turkey and the second time here, and all I can say is that it was the best decision in my life. This was just the beginning of my story here, I have four more months to go and all I can say is that I am very excited for the days to come !
Suada Mehmetaj

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