My life and work here in Halle - Aimerence 09.05.2019

First of all I want to tell you that is my first time I‘m far away from my family, friends,hometown.
As long as you know I am coming from Africa (Rwanda).
It was amazing for me to come here to Germany. It helps me to learn more and get new knowledge, experience for being in society.
But the beginning was very difficult because in that time I didn't know any word in German. So I thank the FK to help me to learn Deutsch at Alpha schule.
Even though Halle is a small city it was very difficult to settle in. But now after 6 months being here everything is going well because I can find everything i need in few minutes from where I live.

Here in Halle I learned a lot about myself and how to handle some situations better e.g. how to manage my anger, how to avoid conflicts in society, how to communicate with each other , how to raise up my voice and to take care of my special case. Now I take every opportunity to find new friends and get to know Halle better.
I remember the first days in Halle I was lost and had no idea where to go. I was searching for hours just to find my apartment. Everything was so new to me. So I used my tram ticket just to drive around Halle. I jumped in and went in different directions to look at where the tram stopped and where I can go. This was a way to be fast connected with city and to know almost every part of it. Of course I had my problems and moments where I was scared and didn‘t know what to do but I would never hate and forget Halle.
On my POA I work in a team of 3 people. I love them and respect them, because they are humble and older than me. Every day I am with 14-18 years-olds at Clara Zetk (my POA). I help them to clean and sometimes we cook together and I teach them how to cook Rwandan food .Especially one day we were cooking together Rwandan bread. It was really great and fun. In October 2018 we were in Belantis City it was so an amazing place. I really enjoyed the time there.
At the end I take my own time to say thank you to from Friedenskreis for helping me to get new friends and new experience.
All the best.


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