Bericht von Ademir

Dear Florence, thank you for showing interest in volunteering in CZ Tagesgruppe.

My name is Ademir Durakovic, I am coming from Bosnia and I am volunteer in this place of assignement until september of 2017. If you ask me how my one working day looks like I can start with saying that you don't need to get up really early to go to work. Since it's called „Tagesgruppe“ (daily group) you will only work with children who are coming to CZ after school and leaving home when day is ended. Children are not coming before 11 AM, so be sure that they are excited when meeting new staff and workers so you will get into a game as soon as your day starts.

If weather is fine you will probably be spending time outside on football court, and if not you will be indoor where there is a lot of games and toys that children can play with. Card games, board games, billiard, darts, puzzles and much more for everyone to have a good time. After that there is a lunch break that is usually around 13:00 where everyone from the group sit and eat together, you can bring your own lunch or eat what children are eating, that is entirely up to you.  When lunch is finished, you will observe if all children have brushed their teeth, check on their homework (don't worry about the language, you will always have help from the staff).

Children also have their cleaning activites, so it's your job to see if they are respecting their responsibilites (cleaning the rooms, bathrooms, halway, staircases...). When children finish their assignements, they are free (and you of course) to continue playing and keeping each other safe and respectful.

By the end of working day, usually around 17h, we evaluate children behaviour during the day with „pluses“ and „minuses“ but you will know about that more if you fulfill this place of assignement. To summarize, everyday is different, children are friendly and playful and staff will make you feel welcomed.

I'm pretty much enjoy my working days and don't worry about the language – your best teachers could be children. Best of luck and much regards!

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