Day in KITA LIESKAU by Stefan Savcic

My name is Stefan. I have a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in Kita Lieskau, a place near town
called Halle in Germany. Right away when you enter the kindergarten you will notice how
everything and everybody is family friendly and also you will feel all the joy produced from
children's laughter and playing. You will be immediately greeted by my coworkers and pointed into
right direction if you need any help.

Because it's a kindergarten for a children from 0-6 years old
and it hosts around 90-100 kids, a really good grouping system is present. Based on age they are put
in a certain group which are called by colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue), and based on their
color the room and the stuff inside are themed by it (In red group, chairs, tables, plates, etc are all
red and so on in the other groups) . In every group there is around 2-3 workers, and sometimes we
need to help the other groups if there is a worker on vacation or if someone is sick.
I work in a Yellow group where the children are currently from 3-4 years old. I take care of a 20
children together with my tutor, and with one more coworker. My job is to help as much as I can
both my coworkers and children if they need something, and as the months pass they give me more
and more authority to do certain stuff as they trust me more.
Regular day starts with me arriving at 9 A.M , coworkers are already there and most of a kids
already play outside in a garden. We make a small morning circle around 10 A.M and there we sing
and talk about what happened outside our time in kindergarten. We usually let them play outside or
if we have some special activities for them we must finish them till 11:30 cause then we have a
lunch and after that it's time for their Midday sleep at 12. Usually that is the hardest part to put them
to sleep cause lot of them still have the energy and don't like sleeping during the day. At 14 P.M we
wake them up and help them dress and make them a Brunch (usually fruits or cereals) and then they
stay there till their parents pick them up between 15 - 16 h. I leave at 15 P.M and with a bus I go
back to Halle.