Bericht unserer Freiwilligen Suada, die im KindsElternCentrum Lieskau arbeitet

“Every person can make a difference and every person should try”, said John F. Kennedy a long time ago but nowadays it seems so accurate. When even we are in 21 century, we still face a lot of wars, crimes, hunger, and inequality... We still face judgment based on skin color, race, nationality, or religion. And me all my life, starting as a student, as a volunteer, teacher, and journalist I have tried to fight against these. Last week I hold a small presentation about Albania, my country of origin in the kindergarten where I currently work as a volunteer KindsElternCentrum Lieskau. It was a way to let kids know a bit more about me, my beautiful country, our culture, and language but most of all to show them that there are other countries and cultures. I wanted to show these kids that being different is not bad, in fact is great because we can learn so much from eath-other.

During my "ALBANIAN DAY" in kindergarten, I had prepared some different activities. In the morgen the day started by showing them in the globe where Albania was, in their eyes was quite small and geographically compare to Germany is a bit... Later I had prepared some photos at home so I showed them the most important cities, the beautiful nature, and the traditional outfits. I showed them our flag, the two-headed eagle symbol which kind of fascinated them. Since the day I have stepped into Germany I have been trying to learn german and it is never a " field full of flowers" and the kids have been a great help. So during the day, I tried to teach them some Albanian words, like Te Dua-I love you, Faleminderit- Thank you, just to let them know and understand me a bit better. I prepared with the kids at kindergarten Chocolate Muffins and decorated them with some mini Albanian Flags. The kids were so happy and liked it a lot. They ate these muffins in their afternoon snack. At lunchtime, they could try the Byrek, an Albanian pie, which I had prepared at home and they loved it. Some of them still ask me to make it once more. I promised to make it for my birthday so they have to wait a bit more. In the end, the kids made Albanian and german flags together while listening to some Albanian songs.

For me, that was a great experience and even for them.  Because now Albania means something for these kids, not only a country on the map but a place where they know more about the culture, the food: After that day I feel that they know me more and they even insist to know more about my country, the places I have been and languages I know and I can­´t hide it that makes me super happy.