Unsere Freiwillige Teodora Grahovac berichtet über ihre Arbeit in Halle (englisch)

After finishing my master studies I decided to do a volunteering service. So I found this open call for international volunteers from COD Jajce  and applied. My volunteering service started in March 2021. In Halle, I was assigned to SCHIRM and Burgerhaus AltErnative. This programme gives you the opportunity to work with different people and to help them, and by far that is one of the best things about this programme. 

Helping people makes me feel valued and that I have something to offer. Volunteering opened up a whole new world for me. I met new people, learned more about what was going on in their community. I feel useful, purposeful and valued and good about doing something practical, making a worthwhile and meaningful difference. Feeling friendship, social interaction, meeting new people and getting to know people.  You get a sense of personal growth and development, an opportunity to learn and practice (new) skills, professional development, learning forein languages, building CV, enhanced employment opportunities, etc.

Both of my poa-s helped me connect to the community and develop a feeling of belonging, socially included and being part of a team.  The best thing is that you become more tolerant and open to people and their diversity. Doing an international volunteering service is also a huge challenge. At the beginning of my service, for example, one of the huge obstacles was the language. But like any other problem or obstacle, it could be solved with constant work and devotion. This programme offers you many learning opportunities and experiences and I am realy looking forward to upcoming ones.