Freiwilligenbericht von Merzina Ahmetovic

After finishing my studies, I realized that I wanted a break from that and I wanted to dedicate a little to myself. I heard about this project and volunteering in my home organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I volunteered and worked with children for many years. Applying for a project like this for me is getting out of my comfort zone.
My volunteer story in Halle begins in April 2021.

I remember that morning in Halle it was foggy and cold, unexpectedly for April. I was welcomed by Bojana who drove me to my new apartment and helped me with my suitcase. During this period in Halle I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with wonderful people and get to know the city I come to. The part of the city where I live is beautiful, close to the main square and exuded by beautiful Austro-Hungarian construction. Nearby is a large park, a real small oasis of greenery near to the center of the city and a great place to hang out with friends.

Coming to my POA was challenging and a little bit stressful for me because I didn’t know if they would accept me, if I would manage, how the kids would react to me, etc. but everything turned out better than I thought. The kindergarten I came to, is a small family who welcomed me and made my stay there as beautiful as possible. I know that I can learn a lot about working with children from these people. They have experience and patience which is more important for me.
Working with children has always been something that fills me up and I believe this will help me to work on my potential and make my progress. Also I felt that the changes begin when we go out of our comfort zone. I believe this is a good start and I think there are still many things that I need to learn, discover and see, I can't wait for it.

Friedenskreis International Volunteer
Merzina Ahmetovic