Volunteering is my Calling by Jean Remy Rukundo

At the age of twenty six this my third year I have been volunteering. The reason is that volunteering is one of the best and easiest way I have found that I should use to make contributions wherever possible.
For past six months I have been volunteering here in Halle with Friedenskreis Halle e.V.

I have a variety of experiences:

Relationship with individuals - this the first time I have been able to meet different people, both cultural, linguistic, nationality.

Experience in parenting - working in the children care center "Clara Zetkin" has very helpful to me, because I have been able to figure out how to raise children in a way that gives them best education for today. In the future when I return to my country "Rwanda" I hope I will able to apply my knowledge.

I gained experience in using the Internet in all services - unlike in my country, being here in Halle it was my first time I used Google Maps . Also here the Internet is everywhere and my skills in using the Internet have increased.

Time management - spending time is very different from where I grew up. Instead of keeping up with the clock, when you have a plan with someone it has become like a culture that you you have to plan for minutes to be late. Being in Halle has made me learn a good culture of punctuality, because people here have a lot of respect for time.

Working with Barriers - I called working with barriers because the first time I came to Halle I couldn't speak the language spoken here and I had to work with the people who speak only German language. But I learned how to work with different people in a language and job can be done well.

Experience in sharing ideas with different people - through the work of seminars I have been able to gain the ability to  talk to and share ideas with different people. A variety of topics including issues related to global issues like " Racism" which is evident in some countries of the World.
Volunteering is one of the best ways to address the challenges or problems facing the wider community as a whole because it connects people from all over the world.

In a nutshell, I would say that, volunteering works in Halle and especially with Friedenskreis Halle e.V. has good benefits which can be put in three main categories: being  a volunteer at Halle is about Learning, Gaining Experience and even Building a good future for you and the Wider Community at the same time.

All the Best,

Jean Remy RUKUNDO.