Volunteering with personal challenges - Suljo

My story called volunteering service in Halle begins last year in February, when I found out about volunteering service in Bosnia from my sending organization. Back then I liked the program itself, but I had an enormous fear which didn’t let me to assign on a program. That fear was a bad knowledge about English and a German language.
“How to communicate” constantly was passing through my head and it would be very hard for me how to live.
I have talked about everything with my families and friends and then decided to assign in which application I hinted that it's a perfect way for me to learn German language.
Many would say it was a crazy thing to do, but after a year I found myself in a very beautiful city called Halle in which I will continue with my German course level A2 and there is no more fear about not knowing language. I came in Halle on 27 September when I actively start with my volunteering program.
You remember my story with fear of not knowing language? In the end that affected highly my participant in this volunteering service and because of my other references they actually accepted me. Then my POA saw as a great chance for me to learn foreign languages.

In my first days of volunteering, I had a lot of difficulties with communication considering the fact that my knowledge of English was very bad, but we still found a way to communicate.

Here I will go back in period when I was born, this period that is very important for my story. I was born on 6th June 1996 as a person with disability. I was born without left arm which will bring me a lot of very nice moments. I forgot to mention that my POA is a kindergarten. In the beginning of my volunteering service, it took some time for children to get a hold on my disability and on a new person and after only some days they told me I was their friend. After 7 months I became very dear to the kids because of my disability and I think that because of this service not only I have usefulness but my POA also, because me and my colleagues often speak about disability in kindergarten and that we are all equal despite disability which is a process of inclusion. With the kids I had several workshops about disability on which I presented my “left arm” or the way they call it a “robot arm”.

In the last 7 months I travelled a lot, visited many cities in Germany, but also other countries in EU.

I met other people, make new friends, which is most valuable for me in this volunteering process.I'll be honest with you, I enjoy in this city, volunteering process and my POA. Volunteering for me represents happiness.

After all, I am Suljo Keranovic, coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, one beautiful small country. From the kids in kindergarten I get a nice nickname “Mr.Einarm” I to you, I want to give you my motivational message.

I am a person with disability, and I don’t look at what I don’t have, I look at what I can do.