From a dissarayed country to a dreaming country - Matej

September 19th september was the day I left my city, a war and citizen torned place that I can call home, to live abroad in Germany as a international volunteer. I'm searching for a better and safer life just as all the other people full of ideas, hoping that I will eventually find something here that will make me feel happy, safe and acceptet for who I am and what I do.

The day of my arrival was pretty confusion. I left my country and I was in a land That I have never been to, not knowing the language, the people, the society, the culture or anything close to me around here.

My coordinator was waiting for me at Hauptbahnhof and delivered me to my new living place. During traveling to my place I was thinking about my new apartement as a tiny, neat, small and meticulous flat that I will gladly take care of but instead I came to a dusty old and ruiny "stable" that frightened me about "any moment falling apart".

During my first three days I explored the entire city and analyzed people and the society structure knowing that I will eventually be able to integrate but I felt deprssed about the fact that none of the other volunteers were in Halle yet and also not knowing anybody around me.

I thought to myself "Will I be able to endure my voluntary service?" with the current conditions of my flat, social life, money source, etc...

As the other volunteers arrived we met and greeted each other respectively and happily, met our mentors, coordinators, money provider, the rest of Friedenskreis and most important our place of assignment. I was very euphorical about working at my POA, with a lot of ideas and expectations and then I arrived and was astounded that no one of my mentors, colleagues, apperentices,... speaks english.

The first question that came to my mind was "How can something like this even be called international when we don't have common communication skills.

But as time passed I eventually adopted to the people, the language and the culture. I hope that I will find some place here that I can really call home.