My volunteer service in Halle - Jonathan Ho - 17.06.2019

Volunteering in Germany, especially in and around Halle, has been the opportunity I’ve needed
and have been looking for since I finished my university studies to pursue something
challenging, new, and engaging.

I volunteer in WTV - Der Offene Kanal aus Wettin, a non-commercial citizen television studio
based in a small village just outside Halle that runs socially engaged projects through film and
media such as teaching school groups how to make films or helping participants with their own

One particular thing that I find most rewarding about my work is learning more about the niche
culture and history of the region (Sachsen-Anhalt) and of the villages and Halle itself through
previous films that were made in the project. I have been responsible for the programming of
the weekly broadcast for a few months now and am in charge of finding content to put into the
broadcast, and by doing so I have learned a lot about histories and cultural activities here
through these films.

Living in Halle since September 2018 has been amazing so far. The city is soaked with history,
culture, and arts, with many various events, concerts, and festivals taking place all year round.
There is never a shortage of things to do in Halle, one can always find an interesting hideaway
around the corner playing jazz music, or a Spanish dance workshop down the street.

One particular aspect of Halle that I love is the alternative culture, or the ‘left wing’ culture that
dominates the mainstream lifestyle of young people here. I find so many interesting events
happening around this scene, such as painting sessions in the park, punk gigs in derelict
buildings, and even vegan meal gatherings such as Küfa, which I attend regularly.

Küfa (Küche für alle) is a weekly event in a left-wing commune home/concert venue/bar called
VL that offers a vegan buffet on a donation basis. Even if you don’t have much money to donate,
you can still take a meal and enjoy it with others around you. I find the creativity of vegan food so
exciting, and of course it tastes amazing despite not being a vegan myself! I have met some very
interesting people there and the atmosphere is always so welcoming and friendly at this event.
This is probably a highlight of my time in Halle so far.