This is really a learning process - Emina 07.03.2019

Even before we came to Halle we have heard so many times that one of the main goals of this project is a learning process, but now when we are finally here we can see what that actually is and why is it so important.

Staying in Halle is my first arrival in Germany ever. I have never met German culture before, and I began to learn German just a few months before I came here. The main goals of my coming here were to learn new things - how does life in Germany look like, learning more about German culture, how to live in a country with so many differences, learning German language, meeting new people and places.

The learning process started from the very first day I came here and it will hopefully continue until the end of my stay. Here I am learning new things at every step – I'm learning the German language because I'm surrounded with it all day long. I learn German culture and tradition through getting to know other people and through my volunteering in the kindergarten. I learn about other cultures and countries through socializing and getting to know the people who are here from different parts of the world. I learn how to work with kids in my POA Kita Marktspatzen. I learn how to take on responsibilities, acquire work habits, learn about my own advantages and disadvantages. I learn about German culture and meet the country through traveling, movies and stories from other people here. I get to know the city of Halle by going out with friends. As the warmer weather begins, we strive to get out, walk or ride a bike, to meet new people, to discover new things. And we always find something new. We walk by the river Saale, go to the cinema, to the music concerts and events, and socialize with other foreign volunteers and young people in Halle.

In my POA I learned a lot of German through my work with children. I learned how to work in a kindergarten and a lot of new things about children I have not known so far. We do a lot of creative things with kids - we sing, dance, act, make holiday decorations, paint, and so much more. I really like working with children so that is why every day in kindergarten is really full of fun and positive energy.

Every day here is the real learning process. Learning about yourself, and others, learning about what surrounds us, culture, history, differences and similarities of each of us.