Living my own life and volunteering 22.11.2018

My name is Sandrine ISHIMWE, I am a native Rwandan and I am a volunteer at Friedenskreis Halle e.V.. My place of assignment is Lebens(t)raum e.V., which is a facility in the field of disability care and politics. It´s located in the centre of Halle (Saale). I would like to tell you about my every day life as a volunteer.

When I applied for this program, I had the wish to live far away from my family and I decided to get out of my country, to enjoy the life of a different continent in a country like Germany.

To be accepted in Halle (Saale) was amazing and also difficult for me. But it is a nice city where you can find most beautiful things that you may like, you also have the chance to meet new people, friends and getting to know a new culture and also a new language. I started learning the German language three weeks before I arrived here, which is a beautiful thing for me. I still face language barriers, like understanding, but I hope it will get better soon.

In my place of assignment, where I work with handicapped people I try my best, because I like helping these people. We play some games together, take walks with them, go shopping for some things in the shop, help them with cooking, preparing dinner and eating together. We also help them with cleaning the flat. My working time is from 3-9 p.m.

In summary I like and enjoy my life as a volunteer in Lebens(t)raum e.V. and also in the beautiful city Halle (Saale).