Why volunteering service in Halle is more than just a year of volunteering, Suzanas Report

Volunteering service with Friedenskreis is more than just one year being abroad and working in one of the places of assignment. It's a whole process of learning and also growing professionally and individually. Being by your own somewhere abroad, out of your comfort zone it's the best challenge that you can do for your self. Many of people can think that it is the same thing as living by yourself in your country, but I can say for sure that it's not the same. I was living alone for seven years in my country and sometimes I think that in these 6 months of volunteering I learned more than those 7 years in Albania. This because everything is new. New language, new people, new flatmates, new apartment, new conditions, new mentality and a lot (and just) beautiful things. Everything that u need it's just positivity and energy to use all these new things in good and productive way.




Living in a country that speaks a different language is the best opportunity to learn that language. The rest is our choice. New people are the best way to know your self. Having new flatmates (especially if u have always lived with your family) is the best way to learn how to fit in with other people and to be more tolerant. New mentality teaches us another way how the things work and give us another perspective of the world. Knowing the world means also knowing our self.


Even that Halle looks like a small city and many people can think that it hasn't not to much to offer you, actually they are totally wrong. You have a lot possibility to be engaged in every field you like. Here u can find a lot of groups of interest, it's just depends in what do u like. You can can find a lot of political, social or cultural activities and events. But this is not all. You can get engaged also in these activities. Starting from January I'm part of the female football team in Halle and this opportunity I did not have in my country. The other volunteers are also involved in different types of activities. Some at dancing classes, art groups, political activities and more all of us have a lot of new friends and of course a lot of fun.