Lejlas Bericht

It is almost five months since I came in Halle/Germany as a participant of the „weltwärts“ program. Before that, I was two months in EVS program in Turkey so I knew that these two programs are similar and I thought it would be really easy for me. Like everything, this program has bad and good sides. You have an opportunity to meet young people and share opinions and experiences with them. It sounds easy but sometimes it is not easy to break some prejudices which you did not know that exist. Personally speaking, this program helped me a lot to develop my skills starting from communication with others and language skills as well. All this experience helps a volunteer to become independent and know how to handle things by himself.

I am volunteering at Kindergarten Lieskau in village Lieskau in Halle. My beginning was difficult because of the language. I have never learned German before and everyone, of course, is trying to speak with you in German. Later it was easier. My typical day in Kindergarten is hanging out with children and playing with them. Kindergarten in Lieskau is more type of Kindergarten where volunteers don't do so many concrete activities because children have their own schedule and they can decide also what they want to do, which games, during the time when they need to play. In Kita we have also interesting visits with children, so for example we were in theater and library. In this kindergarten atmosphere is very nice and people with who I work are really friendly so I have chance to meet all staff members and we had nice time for Christmas. Christmas is in Germany very special and unique because all over Germany you have Christmas market and vine market so we had opportunity this year in Halle to feel spirit of Christmas and to taste vine. I have had opportunity to go with my colleagues and spend some time in Halle, so they showed me some cultural things etc.

Halle is a very special students city where you can visit lot of historical places. I enjoyed in Handel museum, chocolate museum Halloren and Saale side, river side. For me it's interesting student city but I decided I want to visit other cities in Germany. I was in Berlin, Magdeburg, Leipzig and I plan to visit more. One year program is very long period so you have to find a way to enjoy it. For further details what to visit and where to go you can always ask someone but when volunteer arrives, Rathaus gave us with our registration flyers where you can find everything that's interesting for visiting Halle, so this flyers will be helpful during all volunteering period. I spend my time more learning German by myself. I got as a present for Christmas from Kindergarten staff 1000 magnets with German words, so you can learn one peer day. This is also very cool and useful way to learn German. Regarding the life outside of POA, they are the lot of things to do and to explore in Germany just if you are up to. Travelling and visiting places in Germany can be one of the activities. I am still trying to figure out what can I do more...so there will be good and bad things, phases...it is important to learn! (about yourself first than about the different culture, people in general etc.) The long term program is better, because you can always figure out after 5 months what was good, what bad and what can you do better to complete the program.