Ornelas Bericht

Ornelas bericht

My name is Ornela  Alijagic and I come from Bosnia and Herzegowina. My volunteering work began with the trip to the unknown, with the people I didn't know.

It began 4 months ago. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew that I will work with children in Clara Zetkin e.V. Today these children are the reason for a smile on my face. They help me with my German and we have a lot of fun when I am at work. Children are from 8 to 18 years old. In my group the kids have their daily schedules which I also accepted.

In the beginning it was difficult for me to get used to new rules, new approach to the work, but I am getting used to it. In the mornings the kids are at school. After they arrive, then have lunch and do their homework. I am helping younger children  with homework, explaining things they need help with and when they do their German homework I use this chance to improve my knowledge. Sometimes I feel bad because my level of German is stopping me from explaining everything I want to them but because the kids are the best teachers an we quickly understand each other and get over it. In their free time we go outside to play and have a good time.

People at Clara Zetkin are very nice and they help me with everything that is new to me. I am very grateful for this. When the work day is over I go home to my roommates. We are hanging out all of our free time. It would be impossible not to mention them. Life with complete strangers now has turned to a life with friends without whom my life would be unimaginable. They are there for when I feel homesick, when I'm missing the people I love the most. Our conversation is some Bosnian-Macedonian mix, it works great! I am extremely happy to have met them, to be living with them, having good and bad times with them. I'm kind of scared to think about the time when this project would finish and we would have to part ways. This trip to the unknown has turned into a new and wonderful and unforgettable experience.